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Before we start learning Joomla Is a Content Management System like WordPress we must at least learn something about Joomla overall as we will have a better concept on how things works. The best part about Joomla is that it is open source CMS which is utilized for putting up content on the various websites. The platform of Joomla is created based on model view web application which is utilized on its own from the CMS.

The advantages of using Joomla

The biggest advantage of using this is that it is completely free and you do not have to shell out a single penny. Much like this site's design, Joomla is open sourced so that means as a user you can modify things as and when needed. This open source nature has made it very popular with lots of companies, including digital marketing ones like this one. The good part is that Joomla is a search engine compatible CMS. This utilizes an Apache module that creates URls that are compatible with the search engines. Security is a concern for most website owners and Joola does not disappoint in any way. All you have to do is keep your website updated with the latest versions of Joomla and you can enjoy high level of security. With its multi language support non English users can use this without any hesitation. Joomla comes with an exhaustive extension library that will cover every purpose. Joomla comes with a good documentation and a start up guide for new users.

The best thing about using Joomla is the system that integrates templates with the help of easy clicks.


Like many other internet based apps this also works by using the LAMP stack. There are many websites that come with control panels that allow speedy installation of Joomla. For windows you have the option of using a Platform Installer that quickly detects and installs all the dependencies like PHP and MySQL, as well as outside developer plugins. You may also find many websites that provide important information on how you can maintain the websites that use Joomla.

The basic purpose of any Joomla extension is to improve the function of the website that use Joomla. These extensions are divided based into components, modules, plugins, templates and languages.

Components are quite big and very complicated extensions. Skilled programmers can do fantastic things with these. These components have two subdivisions a site part and an administrator. Every time a joomla website starts to load one of the component is utilized to render the primary page.

Plugins are considered to be very updated extensions and are also user friendly. Sites like this, and this, feature some very user-friendly designs.

Templates constitute the main design of any Joomla based website. The CMS is responsible for the content on every website and also looks after the basic layout of any website that used Joomla The modules are used for rendering of pages on website that utilizes Joomla. Languages are nothing but very non complicated extensions which are utilized as the core component.


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