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Joomla 1.5 SEO component extened versionThe sef patch extended version is a full Joomla component that extends the standard free SEF Patch for Joomla 1.5x releases.

For only 14 Euro for a 6 months support and download periode. After the periode is expired you can purchase an addittional support and download license to extend the donwload and support periode from our shop. Price for the additional license is 8 Euro for a 6 month periode and 14 Euro for a full year.

This SEF patch component doesn't replace the import Joomla Core files, it only replace some XML definition files which has no influence on the updates of Joomla self. The component will be running if you upgrade your Joomla version within 1.5 new releases.

The SEF patch extended version for J15(!) offers the following additional functionality w:

  • Add unlimitted custom META tag fields to the Joomla content and menu items;
  • The ability to control the settings of the title field (for example if you want to include the site name within each title it's now possible)
  • An overview of your META settings in relation to your content and menu items.
  • The ability to add the META title field into the html head section
  • Better control over the standard META fields: robots, keywords and description
  • The ability to display the Joomla meta generator tag (if you like this, default this is not displayed'
  • When no title is available the sitename can be used as the default title.
  • and more other functionalities...


Overview of your content and menu elements


Assign META fields and get keywords suggestions for content and article items


Assign META fields and get keywords suggestions for URL's on your site


Configuration settings of the SEF patch component


For more information about this component see the instruction PDF